LoLNexus Has Been Buffed!

Over the past few weeks we've been working hard to bring you an improved LoLNexus experience and today we're excited to launch a major upgrade! Read on for a list of new and improved features that are now available.


  • On the homepage, game region will now be auto-selected for you, based on your country. We'll also remember the last region you searched for.
  • Search result pages have been redesigned to give you all the info you need to dominate your game.
  • League points are now displayed next to the summoner's league ranking.
  • Premades are now highlighted with a blue or purple border, depending on the team.
  • Each team's bans have been added below the team roster.
  • A summoner's active masteries can now be viewed in full detail by clicking the mastery button.
  • A summoner's active rune build name is now shown in the runes tooltip.
  • A loading screen has been added to provide you with more details about your search.
  • Number of games played with a champion is now shown next to the champion name. This is currently unavailable on EUW, LAS and LAN.
  • Summoner's champion KDA has been restored for most regions. This is currently unavailable on EUW, LAS and LAN.
  • A tooltip has been added to ranked wins and losses that shows the calculated win rate percentage.
  • The current match time is now shown next to the spectate button.
  • The spectate button now gives instructions for spectating without using LoLReplayed.

Stream Tracker

  • Stream Tracker now updates more frequently and more reliably.
  • The layout has been improved, to be more compact and user friendly.

New Features 

  • The Featured Games page shows you Riot's featured games for each region.
  • Random allows you to quickly go to a random featured game.
  • You can now login to LoLNexus using your Curse account. This is the same account you might use to login to Reign of Gaming or LoL Pro. If you don't have an account, register now!
  • Once you've logged in you can send private messages to other LoLNexus users, choose a site avatar and post comments. We'll be adding more features for logged in users soon.
  • Comments! You can now comment on any of our articles.


We hope you enjoy these updates to LoLNexus. Please post a comment below, and let us know what you think. Enjoy the game!

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